Artist Bios

Our artwork is about honoring those who have lost their lives to police violence.  We stand firmly behind the reasons we do this work:  This work is not about us, or about our careers.  However, we do feel it is important to give credit and appreciation to our contributing artists, and hope that learning about them and seeing their faces will invite other artists to join in this project.  The following are our contributing artist biographies, with links to their other works.


Angie Bantel – artist pic & bio coming soon!


portrait of me

Vanissa W. Chan is a media artist, educator and community organizer whose passion for the arts is fueled by her work with the People, especially the Youth. Utilizing various mediums to create dialogue and draw attention to pressing sociopolitical issues, her work’s intent is to strengthen communal bridges, assist in storytelling, and shed light upon narratives that are often marginalized and buried under distress and trauma.
Vanissa is the co-founder of a growing Long Island coalition against police brutality named the Justice for Kenny Coalition, founded in 2010, two years after the police murder of 24 year old Kenny Lazo. Together with Kenny Lazo’s partner, Jennifer Gonzalez, Vanissa has assisted in raising awareness about the rampant police brutality that has gone on for decades in Long Island, tying it to the nationwide epidemic of police violence that is largely manipulated in the media and therefore devastatingly misunderstood.
In 2010, with Oja Vincent, Vanissa founded the Alliance of Conscious Documentarians (ACD Media), an independent media collective that works to serve the media needs of marginalized communities.  Currently, the main projects are the Forced Trajectory project, which follows the narratives of family members of police brutality victims via still images, moving pictures and sound, in order to bring awareness to the rippling effects police violence has on communities while also providing more context for the Stolen Lives Project, and the Ayiti Solidarity project which focuses on uncovering the current situation in Haiti while also deeply investigating Haitian history to create a linear timeline from 1492 to present day Haiti.
ACD Media gives media workshops where guerilla media needs implementation.  The last workshop was a 12-week workshop with Picture the Homeless, a non-profit located in the Bronx that was founded and organized by the homeless that strives to develop leadership amongst a most marginalized population.  Vanissa is also an illustrator, photographer and filmmaker.  You can visit her artist sites here:  Illustration: Nissa Draws  |  Photography:  Vanissa W. Chan


Patrick Francisco – artist pic & bio coming soon!



Jana Lynne Umipig is the Arts Coordinator and Theatre Facilitator at El Puente Leadership Center. She received her Masters at New York University, Steinhardt’s Educational Theatre Program, received her Bachelors in Theatre and Humanities with a concentration in Asian American Studies at the University of California, Irvine, as well as studied intensive Physical Theatre work at the Accademia dell’ Arte in Arrezo, Italy.
She has worked with different community organizations developing currciucla and programs that integrate theatre and visual arts with activism and leadership development including the Girls Educational Mentoring Program, Voices Unbroken NYC, The Brotherhood- SisterSol and Public Allies NYC as well as working with young womyn in juvenile detention, rehabilitation and support group centers throughout NYC. She has also developed her own community performance projects including organizing and execution of curricula for the programs and performances of The Journey of a Brown Girl and Culture Shock: the Culture of Gender Violence.  She continues to pursue work as an individual artist as a painter/ mix media artist working with communities and on individual pieces, and also continues to produce theatre works with a concentration in physical theatre and movement, focusing much of this work on the investigation of the human form and how to connect our undestanding of our physical selves with our internal struggles and experiences to work toward building holisitc empowerment.  Please check out Jana Lynne’s work at these following websites:

Kapatid ng Araw kapatidngaraw


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