The Herrera/Pena Family


Around 9PM on August 4th, 2001, Maria Pena Herrera, 23, her son Andy, 4, and her younger sister, Dilcia Pena, 16, were crossing 3rd Avenue on 46th Street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, when all of them were struck by NYPD officer Joseph Gray who was driving a minivan, drunk, after 12 hours of drinking and hanging out in a strip club.  Gray’s blood alcohol content was 0.16.

All three victims died, and Maria’s unborn baby was delivered in an emergency C-section, but died several hours later.

Joseph Gray was charged and convicted on four counts of manslaughter as well as a DWI, and was sentenced to 5-15 years for killing the family while driving drunk.  He served 10 years and was released.

He now works as a janitor in a Catholic school on Staten Island.

Artwork by:  Jana Lynne Umipig

Sources:  NYPost, Gothamist, Stolen Lives Project


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