Jonathan Ferrell


Portraits of Stolen Lives, Victims of Police Brutality:  Jonathan Ferrell

Jonathan Ferrell was a 24-year old man with his whole life in front of him. A beloved son and brother who had played football at Florida A&M University, he had recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he was working two jobs and was engaged to be married.  He had aspirations to go back to school and become an automotive engineer.

A policeman’s bullets ended all of that on Saturday morning.  After a serious car accident that crumpled his car, Jon had to kick out the rear window of his vehicle to escape, and then ran to the first house he saw for help, which was a half mile away from the wreck.  The woman inside, Sarah McCartney, frightened at having been awakened at 2:30AM, called 911. When the cops arrived, they chose to taser him, and then Officer Randall Kerrick shot at Jon 12 times, hitting him 10 times.  Jon was dead at the scene.

Officer Kerrick has been charged with voluntary manslaughter.


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