Yong Xin Huang


Portraits of Stolen Lives, Victims of Police Brutality:  Yong Xin Huang

Yong Xin Huang was a 16-year old Chinese-American boy of a family of four children.  He attended Robert Wagner Junior High School.  He was described by his sister, Joyce, as a model student who enjoyed playing basketball and had a lot of respect for his family.

On March 24th, 2005, Yong Xin was in Sheepshead Bay hanging out in a friend’s driveway.  The police were called by a neighbor who stated that the kids were playing with a gun, which turned out to be a pellet gun.  The police claim that what happened next was a struggle between 5’3″, 115lb Yong Xin and the 6′, 200+ lb, Officer Steven Mizrahi, and that Mizrahi’s gun went off by accident, shooting and killing Yong Xin.  However, witnesses say there was no struggle and that Mizrahi pushed Yong Xin through a glass door, and then shot him.  The medical examiner’s findings were that glass lacerations were on the front of Yong Xin’s face, and the bullet entered through the back of his head.

District Attorney Charles Hynes chose not indict Officer Mizrahi dismissing the case as an accident.

Sources:  StolenLives.org, Zero Tolerance: Quality of Life & the New Police Brutality in New York City, http://www.nychinatown.org/articles/asianwk951013.html

The Stolen Lives Illustrated Project (SLIP)


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